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Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference

2016 Environmental Considerations


  • No trash can stands alone at the Center. Clearly marked bottles/cans and paper bins are set next to every trash can. The banquet staff is well trained in recycling leftover materials from meetings and events.
  • 10% of Lane's electricity is wind power purchased from the local utility, making Lane one of the utility's largest purchasers. The majority of event rooms at the Center have lights with motion sensors.
  • Center restroom sinks are equipped with motion sensors. Automatic low-flow toilet flush sensors are installed in our 2nd floor restrooms and a request is in to convert our 1st floor restrooms.

Food & Beverage

  • Preference is given to local and sustainable products
  • Condiments are served in bulk containers and minimal food packaging is used
  • All leftovers acceptable for human consumption are donated to the Eugene Mission
  • The Learning Garden Coordinator and Banquet Chefs at the Center work together to plan a bountiful harvest from the on-campus garden each season.

Printing & Signage

  • Official conference materials are printed using vegetable based inks on recycled materials
  • Banners and directional signs from previous years are utilized to decrease printing

Registration & Communication

  • Event promotion is pursued primarily via online methods
  • Registration process utilizes a 100 percent paperless ticket system
  • Badge holders are compostable, made from corn-starch and reused when possible


Lane Transit District is a super alternative for bus transport to and from Lane. With many Park & Ride (link is external) options in Eugene/Springfield, bus routes 81, 82, 85, 92, and 98 drop-off/pick-up passengers within 156 steps of the Center's front door. The Center also has shuttle partners who can customize routes for your group to minimize vehicle travel to and from an event by providing shuttle service from local hotels directly to campus.

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